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STOCK SALE FLORA micro dolls


Teeny Tinkers Micro Dolls are typically only offered as part of a preorder, or as stock sale items, so here's your chance to get one of these adorable mini friends of your own!

Micros are approximately 15 cm tall, with 19 points of articulation. They are made of photopolymer resin and elastic.  These are 3D printed dolls and may have small imperfections. 

The Dolls in this listing are for the Flora sculpt, in miniature. 

Flora in the Leaf top, with lace trim leggings has mismatched hands, and is listed as B grade, which is reflected in the price. 

Flora in the yellow dress with the tan/blue colorway also has mismatched hands, and a misprinted headback, listed as B grade. This reflects in the price. 

Flora in the Green and Tan colorway with the purple outfit and bonnet is perfect, but the faceplate is tacked on rather that using magnets, which reflects in the price. Adding magnets would be simple though!