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Liquid Resin Sticker


Introducing our delightful collection of Cute Colorful Stickers for BJD and Doll Lovers, featuring enchanting designs by Teeny Tinkers. These stickers are not just decorations; they are a vibrant expression of your passion for dolls, adding a touch of whimsy to your notebooks, laptops or stickerbooks!

Key Features:

  1. Teeny Tinkers' Designs: Each sticker in our collection is adorned with the imaginative artistry of Teeny Tinkers. These designs capture the magic and charm of dolls, making them a must-have for doll enthusiasts.

  2. Durable Vinyl Construction: Crafted from 100% durable vinyl, our stickers are built to last. They can easily withstand the test of time, ensuring that your love for dolls remains proudly displayed.

  3. Strong 3M Glue: These stickers come with strong 3M adhesive backing, ensuring a secure and long-lasting attachment. Whether you choose to adorn your walls, furniture, or personal items, these stickers will stay in place.

  4. Indoor Decor Enhancement: Perfect for spicing up your indoor decor, our stickers transform any space into a whimsical doll lover's paradise. Create a playful and enchanting atmosphere in your home, office, or favorite indoor hangout.

  5. Not Waterproof: Please note that these stickers are designed for indoor use and are not waterproof. Avoid exposing them to moisture, and they'll retain their vibrant charm.

Express your passion for dolls with our Cute Colorful Stickers for BJD and Doll Lovers. These stickers are perfect for adding a touch of magic to your indoor spaces and make an excellent gift for fellow doll enthusiasts. Let the art of Teeny Tinkers inspire your interior decor, and watch as your living spaces come to life with enchantment. Order your favorites today and bring a little bit of the doll world into your everyday surroundings.