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Preorder faceup: Juni and Penelope


This is the listing for preorder faceups! If you do not wish to order the fullset, I can still paint your doll for you. 

The official preorder faceup is a softly blushed face, with extra blush on the nose and tips of the ears. She has soft pink or purple (dark resin)  eyeshadow, and shimmery white heart accents in the outer corners. A soft, glossy ombre lip and natural brows complete the look.

If you purchase Penelope, I will also paint her teeth on for you.

Lashes are optional. 

I am also offering FIVE custom faceup slots for these dolls, which are slightly more expensive. After you order, I will email you to get a description and reference photos for the faceup you want.  The custom faceup can be anything, except it cannot include a full paint over, or modifications to the actual doll.