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Teeny Tinies Kits : Echo

Teeny Tinies Kits : Echo

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The Teeny Tinies are 24 cm tall, 3D-printed BJDs with 20 points of articulation. The resin is high-grade photopolymer resin. 

They are perfectly pocket-sized and wear rainbow high, blythe, creatable world clothes well. They also fit smaller barbie stuff, and Ken Doll shoes. 

They wear 10mm eyes, but 8mm work too. 3-4 or very small 4-5 inch wigs fit, or 10-11 cm. 

Each doll kit comes with an elastic cord, magnet for the head and an s-hook to secure the head. The head comes on and off, to make painting, dressing and changing eyes easier. If you find the s-hook isn't stun enough, increase your knot size. 

Kits come with a COA. Pieces come cleaned and cured, wrapped up. There will be a baggie with Elastics, Magnet and Hook. A grade kits are $150 each, and B grades are $100. 

A grade: normal print, clean and even.

B grade: usually some discoloration from curing, small chips from support removal. 

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