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STOCK SALE GAEL micro dolls


Teeny Tinkers Micro Dolls are typically only offered as part of a preorder, or as stock sale items, so here's your chance to get one of these adorable mini friends of your own!

Micros are approximately 15 cm tall, with 19 points of articulation. They are made of photopolymer resin and elastic.  These are 3D printed dolls and may have small imperfections. 

The Dolls in this listing are for the Gael sculpt, in miniature. 

Gael in the grey hat with white hair is a frankendoll, made of mismatched tan pieces, including a belly ball and lower torso from another body style, and is C grade. This is reflected in the price.

Gael in tan with pink/blue hair and pink/purple dress is A grade, with stitching imperfections in the dress.

Gael in dark blue with the Avatar theme is A grade.

Gael in blue with the pink knitted outfit has a non removable headback, and is listed as B grade. 

Gael in tan with the hot pink sweater and white hair and heart makeup is A grade. 

Coraline Gael in tan is listed as A grade.