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Two Month Layaway: Juni and Penelope Preorder

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Juni and Penelope share the brand new Petite MSD body.  This body wears minifee size bottoms and tops, and YOSD sized shoes. 

For wigs, a 7-8 typically works. Both girls can wear 10-12 mm eyes, depending on the look you like! There's a more detailed breakdown of her measurements in the images.

They are available in six colors! Buttercream, Mocha, Cocoa, lemon, blueberry and dragon fruit. Check out my updated color chart here for more details on color names. 

There are 3 Chest options as well. Small, medium and large. 

Please note that the non magnetic hands pictured ARE NOT the final hands. this was a casting error, and the new hands are on route to me. I will add photos of the final hands when they arrive. 

Juni and Penelope come with flat feet, and hand set 1 as a default. Hand sets 2 and 3, as well as heel feet can be purchased in the extra parts product during the preorder. 

The dolls are $525 USD each, and layaway is available up to four months. This is offered as alternate products which will display when the preorder opens. Shipping is broken up over the payments as well. Layaways are automatic, but if you need to extend or switch a date, you can email me and we can figure that out together!

By default, dolls will come in a soft blanket bag, which is included in the price. If you wish, you can upgrade to the Teeny Tinkers Carry bag for an additional $25 USD. 

After the preorder closes, Production will take 5-7 months.  This includes the time to submit the order, have the dolls cast and assembled, and shipped to me. 

It should only take me about 2 weeks to pack and ship the dolls once I receive them! If all goes well, everyone should have their dolls by the end of October.

AS WELL. Full payment dolls will come with a gift: A 3D printed mini of the doll you choose to preorder. This is a tiny doll for your dolls! This tiny is also available as a side purchase for those getting layaway, but is not available to those who are not joining the preorder. A fullset is available for this size as well.

The Pre-order will run from February 14th at 11 am EST to March 6th at 10 pm EST. The pre-order is TIME LIMITED, but quantity limited to 50 dolls. Whichever comes first!

Preorders are non refundable. If you change your mind, you will need to sell your spot.