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A day in my Dolly Life.

A day in my Dolly Life.

This month is really all about the Minis, or Teeny Tinies, as I call them. I spent most of January caught up in the wildness of photos, and prep, sharing them and just getting hyped up. Now, the production is underway!

So now, I'm waking up at 7 am.

I check the tracking for the Sodapop head that's on the way to the caster. I check to see if I've had any communications with the caster. 

I go to my office, and flip out the prints. The fresh print gets cleaned. Then, I remove the supports, and cure. From here, I can put the next doll to print. There's been a lot of rotation happening!

8:15 am. After getting the kiddos ready for school, I sit down and get to work. Work-work, as in my day job.

Typically, I take 45 minutes for lunch around 12 pm. This is usually when I'll check the print in the printer and make sure things are going smoothly, and fix anything that needs fixing. 

I'll usually also take a minute here to post something to my Instagram, and scroll through #bjdsale. If I need new photos, I'll typically take them at lunch time too, since the lighting is usually decent. 

Back to work for a few hours and then the doorbell rings and it's a package for me! Happy day! I am way too impatient to wait to film this video. So the camera comes out, I make at attempt at lighting. Maybe I look decent, maybe I look like a bridge troll. I don't care enough to wait so I film the video as I am. 

My kids come home, and I'll hang out with them. I ask how their day was, maybe have a tickle fight. Then they'll start arguing about toys or Roblox with each other and I will sneak away.

By now, it's about 5, and luckily, my husband made dinner. It's XFOOD and it's pretty good. After dinner, I like to hang out with my kids for a bit.

Time to check the orders for the Teeny Tinies, and work on processing an order or two.

If it's a kit, I can wrap the printed pieces up, and cut the elastics. I'll also grab the O-ring and the magnets to add to a baggie. 

If it's a full doll, If I have one assembled, I'll use that. If I don't, I will throw on a Netflix show (really into XSHOW lately) and do the sanding, cleaning and stringing. I pop the eyes in with some blue tack too.  

Then I get to assemble the box. I got my boxes through a Canadian distributor and I really like them. They come flat so I can store them better, and build them as I need them. 

Doll gets wrapped in bubblewrap, and placed in the now assembled box. I add in my new business card and fill out the COA. Close the box up. Put it in another box. Open the order in my store admin, and print the label for the purchased shipping method. One down, many to go. This will get dropped off at the post office tomorrow.

It's 7pm now. I direct the kids for showers, then to read or watch some videos in bed. This is the time where I usually edit Youtube videos, do some sculpting, or if I'm really pooped, I'll knit in bed. 

Tonight I'm working on a new head for the MSD lean body I made for Clover. Safe to say I am scrapping MSD Clover,  and want to make a cute, more mature head for this body. I'm also going to adjust the chest shape and size to be more mature as well. 

8 pm, I say good night to the kiddos, and hang out with my partner. Usually, he'll switch out the dolls in the printer around when I go to bed at 10:30pm, and start the next print. Then I get to do it all again tomorrow!





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