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About Teeny Tinkers

Teeny Tinkers began Summer of 2019, When I stumbled across the BJD hobby and fell in love with all the creative aspects of it.

First, there was photography- and the Instagram was created. 

Then, Content creation and video editing caught my eye, so besides this shop, I run the Teeny Tinkers YouTube channel. I also make Teeny Tinkers Dolls!

I collect and craft for BJDs, and this account will share my experiences, finds, dress up videos and more. I'd love it if you joined me here on the channel, so we can grow the hobby! 

I began to knit and sew my own doll clothes to create the styles I wanted. When my Dolls had a better wardrobe than I did, I started to sell the clothing in lots on Facebook. I was able to sell a large lot within a day typically, and I realized that others liked the styles I made as well. So I decided to sell them. 

I still sell knits or clothing lots on here occasionally. However, what selling the knits allowed me to do was work on my own doll, and fun her process. After many months, and quite a few iterations, Hollow was born :) 

Hollow was my first doll, created to be the doll I wanted and couldn't find. A sweet bean who lives between human and cartoon, with sweet eyes, a button nose, and thick legs.  

Now I am making more dolls and more characters for the Teeny Tinkers Universe. Thanks for joining the journey and supporting me and my art!