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Hollow Preorder Opens October 10th at 3pm EST
Hollow Preorder Opens October 10th at 3pm EST

Welcome to Teeny Tinkers Dolls

Hey Friends! Welcome to the Teeny Tinkers Website. Here, you'll find Adorable BJDs and BJD accessories, as well as preorder and production news on the blog. To stay in the loop, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter <3 Happy Shopping!

Teeny Tinies will be available soon!

There are only a handful available, as I will be making each one lovingly by hand. The production time is also relatively short, which means be sure to grab them while they're available.

News and Updates

  • I'm working on a new doll!
    November 22, 2021

    I'm working on a new doll!

    I imagine them as Hollow's kid sibling. a little tag along who wants to hang out with the grown ups.  Clover is genderless, and can be made up as a boy, or girl, or neither or both! I personally printed two tiny versions to have a set of twins. 

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Teeny Tinies

These are 25 cm tall, 3D printed BJDs available as full Dolls, or Kits. The first batch will be available Feb 1st. You can learn more about the Teeny Tinies on the blog.

Sodapop - Samples Soon!

Hollow Preorder 2021- production

Check us out on Youtube!


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