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Teeny Tinkers Carry Bag


The Teeny Tinkers carry bag is available as an optional add-on. The price Reflects the difference In cost between the yellow carry bag and the default pillow bag, which is included in the price of a Teeny Tinkers cast Doll. 

if you are purchasing more bags than you are purchasing dolls, please choose the “extra bag” option, which covers the price difference. 

The bag is golden yellow with a padded interior. A PVC pouch at the front allows the display of pins or small doll items. There is a strap a small hand strap on the side, and of course, across body strap as well. 

Pink and blue star, zipper poles, complement the yellow bag and the vinyl Teeny Tinkers logo on the front. 

the bag is 45 x 12 x 15.2 Centimetres.