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Cricket is with the Caster at last!

Cricket is with the Caster at last!

Hey all! It has been months of refining the prototype and sanding, then primer and packaging.  Cricket, and her extra faceplates, hands, and chest options have all finally arrived at the Caster! 

Honestly, shipping was a bit of a doozy. Even with the wildly expensive shipping, she got stuck in customs for a few weeks. But she is confirmed to have arrived safe and sound. 

There are some minor adjustments to be made to the master to give the best doll possible, of course. This should hopefully only take a few weeks, then the molding process can begin. 

I am super proud of her, and I feel like she really shows growth and improvement. She's a lot more flexible, thats for sure! And I really love her faceplates. 

I have ordered her samples in three colors this time: a caramel tan, a spring green and a baby pink. These are three new colors and I am so excited to take a look at them!

I am really hoping to have the samples in the early fall, so keep an ear and eye out for that! 


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