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Have you met Fig and Fennel?

Have you met Fig and Fennel?

So eons ago, I began working on a new doll. Well, initially it was two. I meant to make a boy and girl elf, Raven and Edgar, respectively. As the months passed, I could feel myself falling out of love with their faces. I did, however, love the super curvy girl body I was making. 

Here's some progress from making the body sculpt this year. I started this last summer, for reference. 

The updated body is much softer and rounder, but with lots of small details.

So, being mostly happy with the body, I decided to try sculpting a couple new heads from scratch a few months ago. Annnnd the magic happened. 

Fig (right) and Fennel (left) were born! Or, well, conceptualized. 

They've come a long way. But I am loving how they're coming along. I've been playing with their prototypes a lot, and even took them on Vacation in a recent video. I am still working to make them the most adorable and posable they can be.

Soon I should be starting on their master to send for samples. I am also working on a flat chest option and some more option hands. I plan on sanding and priming the doll myself, since it won't be winter/snowy where I live in a month or so. 

Keep an eye on the blog and the Youtube channel for updates!

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