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Meet: Luna and Soliel

Meet: Luna and Soliel

I would like to introduce you to two new girls! Their names are Luna and Soliel, or sun and moon. They're intended as sisters, but with opposite aesthetics. 

I began working on them shortly after finishing Cricket. since they use the same body, and headback, I was able to create them using my play prototype to ensure a great fit. 

The first print was pretty rough, since I mussed up the symmetry tool and they ended up with these pretty weird head dents.

I tried to buff them out for the photo before correcting the issue in my software. I also made modifications to the faces and fit of the head back. 

I paid extra attention to the lips with them, and the eye shapes. I wanted to use shapes and expressions I hadn't done! This includes little smiles for both of them.

I typically sculpt using neautral faces, and I think you could still paint these neautral. But the little smiles just make me so so happy!


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