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Sodapop is here!

Sodapop is here!

Hey everyone! After much anticipation- mostly by me- I am so so so EXCITED to announce that the Sodapop samples arrived safely to me last week!

I was getting Hollow's first wave dolls out the door to their new homes, but i took a bit of time to paint and style my newest girls.

So meet the Sodapop gals! A quick note that their colors are based of soft drink names, so like the Hollows, with my dolls, the color name = my character name for them! As a combo collector/artist, this is my favourite naming system!


Meet Sprite! 

This is Sodapop's lightest, and whitest shade. The version you see here is the OG prototype, but the rest are all cast versions. The color will be very close to this!

Meet Gini! 

She's a lovely peachy pink color i am in LOVE with. seriously. it was so much cuter and rosier than I anticipated. a little blushing on the cheeks makes this girl come alive. This is also the default character I had in mind for Sodapop when I created her. She's also the same color as Hollow's Whisp shade. 


Meet Jones! 

Instagram fan, or should I say TAN favorite over here! over 50% of people voted her their favorite shade, and she got so many compliments on her white freckles.  She's also the same color as Hollow's Willow shade. 


Meet Moxie! 

This color....a stunner. A deep rich brown with warm red undertones. I adore the way she catches the light, and looks so sweet and cuddly. big recommend for brown eyes in this girl, though to be honest green looks incredible too. 


Their preorder will be June 1st-30th, 2022! All preorder products are visible in the Preorder tab under shop. You can see her full details, and feel free to contact me with any questions!


I hope to see you in June!




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