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I'm working on a new doll!

I'm working on a new doll!

Hey all! I wanted to chat here about my new doll I'm working on! Their name is Clover. 

Honestly, Clover has stolen my heart in a big way. Clover is, as I imagine, between 12-16 years old. they could be made up older of course, but she was designed as a mischievous little imp. 

I started designing them back in October, when I made her concept prototype with Polymer clay for a Youtube video. 

About a week after the video, I began sculpting them in Blender. I was able to use my base mesh from Hollow, so the jointing is the same. But the shape is very different. They're much leaner, and shorter than Hollow. In their final form, I imagine Clover to be about 36 cm tall. Definitely a small MSD, and too big to be a traditional YOSD. 

However, Clover should be easy enough to dress! I think they'll be able to share clothes with Minifee (a very small slim msd) and YOSD tops, shorts and skirts.  They will wear YOSD sized shoes and wigs as well. 

I imagine Them as Hollow's kid sibling. a little tag along who wants to hang out with the grown ups.  

Clover is genderless, and can be made up as a boy, or girl, or neither or both! I personally printed two tiny versions to have a set of twins. 

I am currently working on finishing them up. Some pieces need to be thicker, some thinner. Feet need to be shorter and chubbier. I want to rework the knees a bit, so they are more pose-able. 

Then I can print the MSD file and refine further. I'm looking forward to working on a full sized clover. 

Clover was Sculpted by myself in Blender,  but I am getting help from the bumf on Instagram to finalize and check over my work. I hugely recommend them to anyone working on a doll. 

Also, I finally got my own 3D printer and curing station set up so I will now be making all prototypes in-house! I made a video recently showing my setup and printing the first 3D Clover. Check it out: 

 I hope to Premiere Clover's full size prototype in December on my Youtube channel. Until then, have a great day!

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