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Resin Printing Commission


This listing is for a resin printing commission.

If the listing is available, I currently have an opening. Printing works must be original. I will not copy another artists work. 

You are responsible for shipping  costs of the print to you.

FILL OUT THE FORM EMAILED TO YOU AFTER PURCHASE PLEASE. I will fill in my parts and return for approval.  From there, we will work out the cost of the commission, shipping, and the deposit needed to begin.  Once paid, you can send me your file to print.


Each commission varies by detail, size, and services required. General estimates:

Single Plate $40-70 USD

Second print Plate: + $20-40 USD

Support removal: $5-15

Sanding: $15-100 USD


1. Elegoo or Anycubic ABS-like

2. 99% Isopropyl Alchohol

I print large projects on an Elegoo Saturn 8k, smaller projects on an Elegoo Mars Pro 2.