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3D printed Teeny Tiny BJDs

Arya and Bowie (Winter 2021)

Meet Arya! The first official teeny Tinkers tiny! Her sister Bowie is a cute space kitty who is minty green or pink. 


Clover (Winter 2021)

Clover is one of my earliest creations, with her original prototype appearing in a polymer clay video on my Youtube channel in 2022.


Echo (Winter 2023)

Echo is a mousy girl released in Peach, pink and blue as kits only.  She has big ears and came on a new 22 cm body.


Saturn (Winter 2023)

Saturn is a doll sculpted for a Youtube video, who gained popularity and had a preorder in Winter 2023. She is the first Teeny Tinkers Doll with a sculpted wig.