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Cast Dolls (MSD)

Hollow (Fall 2021)

Hollow is an elfy girl with super cute ears and big round eyes. She comes in 5 natural and fantastical resin tones (Whisp, Willow, Waverly, Weslee and Webster).

She featured an elfy fantasy face, long downward ears and a button nose.

Hollow had two preorders in October 2021 and June 2022. She has been discontinued.

Sodapop (Summer 2022)

Sodapop is a huggable human who comes in four natural resin tones (Sprite, Ginny, Moxie and Jones).

She featured a gap for a slightly open mouth or teeth, large eyes, and light asymetry in the facial features, like a real person.

Sodapop premiered in late 2021, and had one preorder in June 2022. She has been discontinued.

Celestial Squad (Fall 2022)

The Celestial Squad are a group of sweet elf girls with a slim body. There are five faces (Ciel, Stella, Luna, Soleil pictured in that order, and Aura) They also come in six skintones (robins egg, iris, sand, sprout, blossom and buttercup)

Aura premiered in early 2022 as "Cricket", and all five had their first preorder in November 2022.

Clover and Poppy (Summer 2023)

Clover is one of my earliest creations, with her original prototype appearing in a polymer clay video on my Youtube channel in 2022. From there, I started sculpting her and a new body for her in Blender. I have refined her since and introduced Poppy. They are sweet, baby faced dolls on a gender neutral body.